Owners and Investors

Owning a vacation rental property has benefits; here are some thoughts on how to enjoy hassle free ownership.

  • Are you spending valuable time figuring out OTA marketing opportunities?

  • Have you kept up with local and state legislative requirements for vacation rentals?

  • Are managing the tax collection/remittance worrying that they are not paid correctly and you receive notices to pay?

  • What happens when a guest checks out and housekeeping reports damages; do you have a reliable handyman?

Coastal Beach Florida Vacations can provide leasing and management, removing the stress!

We will

  • Manage marketing on the OTA’s to increase revenue.

  • Suggest price adjustments as rental market fluctuates

  • Stay on top of local and state legislative issues affecting vacation rentals.

  • Provide housekeeping and general maintenance with licensed services.

  • Keep guests happy, providing them the services they expect so they will return to your property; best guest is a repeat guest!

  • Provide you feedback on your guest experience.

We offer

  • Staff with years of expert local knowledge of the industry

  • Support and communication

  • Experience with travelers and their expectations

  • Services through providers to manage the general maintenance on your property  

  • Tools to service you, through membership to the Florida Vacation Rental Manager Association (FVRMA)

We have prepared an Owners' FAQ for answers to the questions that prospective homeowners often ask.